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The League of Women Voters of Pensacola became chartered as a full-fledged local league (affiliated with the Florida League) in 1949. A name change to the League of Women Voters Pensacola Bay Area occured in 1963, which describes our present membership representing other towns in the Pensacola area. The LWVPBA continues the commitment and courage of those earlier members "working to solve problems of democracy for the average citizen" paraphrasing the words of Maude Wood Park, first president of the LWVUS. The League has been the most common training ground for women who enter public office as elected and appointed officials. Over the years, the League has provided opportunity for intellectual activity and involvement in political life. In 2006 the League Lobbied Pensacola City Council to review its Charter. As a result, a Charter Review Commission was approved in 2007.


1950 Began Voter Service with emphasis on registering women to vote.
1953 Completed library study and urged City Council to establish a new library; assisted in search for suitable library site at Gregory & Spring Streets; library opened in 1957
1956 Began push for revision of the State Constitution; revised in 1968
1966 Published the first edition of "Escambia County and Its Government", a 48-page compilation of structure & services (revised/updated edition in 1976 & 1983).
1984 Began co-hosting the candidates' rallies with WSRE-TV

Studied Port of Pensacola and arrived at four points of support.

1993 Supported Natural Resources to save 372 acres on Pensacola Beach from development as a resort.
1971-Present "Know Your elected Officials" voter guide was written, published and distributed to Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties





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