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Escambia County Governmant Consolidation

Escambia County Government Consolidation

In the late 1960's, the issue of consolidating the municipal governments of Escambia County was discussed. The League of Women voters of the Pensacola Bay Area undertook a study in order to understand issues related to the possibility of combining the City of Pensacola, Escambia County and the Town of Century into a unified government. As result of the undertaking, the League developed a Yardstick for Good Local Government which continues to be a part of the local program. Any consolidation document, using the Yardstick, will be evaluated by the League and will form the basis of whether the League will support a specific a particular consolidation charter.

Yardstick for Good Local Government

(Position established in 1969)

1. representative policy-making body of wieldy proportions elected by voters with home rule powers;

2. single administrative head or manager chosen by commission (council) and accountable to it to effectively administer county services and implement policy;

3. choice of professional department heads by the administrator;

4. flexibility in administrative structure to allow adjustment to changing local needs and conditions;

5. modern procedures for fiscal and personnel management and for planning;

6. public service of acceptable quality at reasonable cost, and without overlapping or duplication of services;

7. adequate and equitable revenue sources with service taxes in proportion to service required;

8. authority to cooperate with other governments and non-governmental agencies;

9.  unified system of courts;

10. merit system for civil service.




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