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On January 31, 2008, our President presented the following statement to the City of Pensacola Environmental Advisory Board regarding the revision of Tree/Landscape regulations:

The natural resources policies of the League of Women Voters are based on the belief that governmental action should result in sustainability. The needs of the future must not be sacrificed to the demands of the present.

Recently, several large developments in the city have caused public outcry because of wholesale leveling of trees. This destruction has called in to question the ability of our current regulations to protect our local natural resources for future generations.

When compared to other cities in Florida, our regulations rank as some of the weakest. Many other cities have managed to preserve and prosper. The time has come for the city of Pensacola to seriously address tree preservation by revision of the city tree/landscape ordinance. It is also imperative that the city stringently enforce the regulations it adopts.

The League of Women Voters supports changes to the regulations that include:

  • Increased public notice of tree clearing prior to issuance of permits.
  • Designation of heritage tree status for mature trees.
  • Increase in the diameter size required in the tree replacement formula.
  • Required natural vegetative buffer zones (particularly near waterways).
  • Meaningful increases in fines and penalties to discourage violations.
  • Disallowance of site conditions as a primary criteria for tree removal.

The League of Women Voters requests that these changes be included in any revisions made to the current tree/landscape ordinance.

Carolann Holmes, President League of Women Voters of The Pensacola Bay Area




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