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Member Benefits

You have been invited to join the League of Women Voters. Does this require a substantial commitment of time from you as well as your membership dues?

Many worthwhile organizations are seeking members, and each of us has to evaluate how much time we can invest outside of our home and workday. To balance this commitment, it is worthwhile to learn about the benefits of membership in the organization. You may find that the League offers opportunities to develop skills that will enrich your professional and personal life.

Personal Growth:

  • Learn leadership skills, through training and by chairing meetings or committees
  • Adopt networking techniques which are valuable in business organizations
  • Associate with knowledgeable and supportive mentors
  • Improve communication skills Make friendships with people you respect

Political Techniques:

  • Understand the interaction between the branches of government
  • Learn about the local, state and national issues
  • Become familiar with the local area and its environmental issues
  • Meet and interview elected officials
  • Develop the ability to evaluate issues in an objective manner
  • Conduct non-partisan discussions about political problems
  • Experience a supportive environment for women in politics

Our organization welcomes anyone over the age of 17, and has special benefits for young people who are students or are just beginning their professional life. We have leadership training seminars and also provide a safe environment for the exchange of ideas. The League endeavors to reach those of every ethnic background, in order to share their concerns and assist in offering solutions to all community problems.

For more information about the Local, State and National League of Women Voters, refer to the accompanying "Facts about the League" which contains an Application Form for membership.




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